Contract Symbols

Perpetual Swaps

The symbol for a Perpetual Swap is XBTUSD.


Each Futures contract on Alpha5 will be listed with a month and year code which denote its time of expiry. For instance, a contract expiring in December 2020 is listed as XBTZ20, where Z in the month code and 20 is the year code.

Below is the complete list of codes for their respective month, used in the symbol for Futures contracts.

Month Month Code
January F
February G
March H
April J
May K
June M
July N
August Q
September U
October V
November X
December Z

Futures Swaps

The symbol for an exchange quoted Futures Swaps contract is denoted as follows: Symbol for Contract 1: Symbol for Contract 2.

Eg: Spread between the Perpetual Swap and December Futures contract will be given by XBTUSD:XBTZ20.

Buying a Swap is buying Contract 1, and selling Contract 2.

Selling a Swap is selling Contract 1, and buying Contract 2.

Swap price will always be listed as Contract 1 – Contract 2.