A Smart Crypto

Derivatives Exchange

Access a completely new orderbook technology and a brand new suite of features on crypto’s most sophisticated liquidity engine.

Smart Product Suite


Trade basis (cash & carry), roll positions, and see the futures curve come to life, with a single click.

  • Powered by implied orderbook logic
  • Standalone products with aggregated liquidity
  • Seamless risk management with portfolio margining


Digital exposures to markets via a new range of options products. Simplified, for everyone.

  • Parimutuels with odds determined by the traders
  • European Digitals with pre-determined risk-reward profiles
  • Easy interface, with no complex risk management

Driving Change in
Derivatives Trading

No Custodial Risk

Alpha5 works with multi-sig deep cold storage, with industry-leading security standards. Further it is integrated on top of a leading global custodian, with a strong insurance policy to help protect against extreme circumstances.

product pipeline

The Alpha5 system is configured for seamless scaling and introduction of new products that have relevance to traders of all types.


Trade with no capital posted on the exchange and benefit from the services of a licensed, trusted 3rd party arranging calculations and settlement.


A5T is a unit token of the A5T ecosystem, which collectively owns the Alpha5 insurance fund - an industry first.